Create Module

Creating new Modules


We live in a permissionless landscape of the blockchain. People are free to deploy contracts as they wish. Anyone can propose a module for the game. Proposing a module and even completing a module does not mean it will be including into the game. Modules will need to be voted on by the DAO in order to be included. The core team is currently building the first modules.

A shared substrate. The Realmverse and $LORDS. Building in the Realmverse you could choose to build a core module, or you could choose to build an ancillary contract.

Financial Incentive to develop

StarkNet and other L2s have brought the cost to transact on a blockhain to fractions of a cent. Never before have we been able to do true microtransactions. When you develop a module, you are free to build in tiny fees for people interacting with it. This could be a % of the resources used if the module crafted items together. These fees will be streamed to you.

Inclusion into Cannon

If the module designed passes the an audit and is voted on, it can then be included into the game. Exact specifics around this are still being mapped out. If you have an idea, we are a DAO, you have the floor.


A designed module does not need to actually be connected to the ModuleController.cairo in order to be used. If you provide enough incentive for someone to interact with the module, then they will.