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What are you looking at?

This is a eternal game engine architecture for StarkNet - a L2 vailidity proof roll-up.

Forked & heavily inspired by the pioneering work done by the Dope Ware RYO game here (opens in a new tab).

What is the game?

Picture a million players all asynchronously working the blockchain; harvesting resources, building alliances, and slaying foes. This is the game we are building.

Before going down this journey: You must read the Master Scroll. This is our deep dive into everything about the game. The Master Scroll is the source of truth before this readme and is the north star for everyone contributing.


Eternum is an on-chain game of economics and Chivalry built on StarkNet. Earn resources by staking your Realms, raid rivals, steal loot, and form on-chain alliances to crush your enemies.

Eternum is entirely on-chain; the UI is purely just a client for a distributed backend. Feel free to create your own superior client if you wish.

The game is all open-source and we encourage people to build modules and contribute.

Essential Resources

Read the Cairo Whitepaper

Read Cairo-lang blog posts

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